Friday, August 31, 2012

our first church

I was SO sleepy last night that I couldn't find the icon to post photos - here are some:
this church, S. Maria degli Angeles, was a fascinating mix of old and new art!

the 2 statues on the bottom are depictions of Mary and Martha. The next one up is a tromp-oeil dome and the top 2 are more modern depictions of the crucifixion.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Well, I am in a much better place now!! Pat and Fabio retrieved me at the airport and drove me to the apartment in a black Mercedes!! The apartment is lovely, modern yet quaint with European touches. As some of you saw on Facebook, we had gelato for lunch because it was so hot, ten back to the apartment so I could rest my ailing bacl and swollen legs! Dang!! It's hell to get old! we hung around the apartment during the heat of the day and then went out around 5 to eat - we got sidetracked by S. Maria degli Angeles - breathtaking - I am posting pictures! we ate in the Piazza della Repubblica. Both of these location are a stone''s throw from our place. now I am trying to stay up and get on Italian time (6 hours ahead of US)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Ok, this is not turning out to be a good trip!! Beginning in Providence, my suitcase was overweight so they told me to take somethings out or pay $90(!!!!!!) so I took some stuff out out and stuffed it in my large purse, making it weight a ton!! Then, at the gate, they made the announcement that all the bins were full on the plane, so I had to check one of my carry ons, making a mad dash to make sure I had all my "purse" stuff in the right bag! Then, the plane was pulling away from the gate and a man behind me had a heart attack - back to the gate.....they took him off and got him medical help. I hope he is ok. I get off the plane in Charlotte and realize that I have left my Rome boarding pass, my cell and my passport in the seatpocket in front of me. (the woman sitting in front of me had her seat back the whole time and I could hardly move!). They won't let me back on the plane but they sent someone to retrieve it. Whew!!!! Last, but not least, I have lost my cane/seat in the Charlotte airport. Lord, I hope the trip improves from here!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!!

Hello folks! I am both nervous and excited! The suitcase is packed and I am not looking in it again. What's in there is in there to stay!! Pat is anxious for me to arrive. His students are beginning to arrive and he is starting to gear up for class! I am having lunch with the staff today and saying goodbye to my kids and grands! ( god, I will miss them!!) Pat informs me that he has already spread the word that I am a cantor and guitarist and the Ctholic U. Program and the Lay Center have both expressed interest! He has gone to liturgies at 3 different places ranging from "icky" to "really welcoming" I am looking forward to worshipping at Caravita - I have been told this is a great community!! The rest of the churches will be for artistic appreciation!!!! I promise that pictures will come soon!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He's got email

And he sent me this: "The apartment is nice and right in the center of things in a very busy, but lovely section of Rome.  I visited Villa Bourghese--a lovely large park, S. Sussanna, S. Maria de Victoria with the famous St. Theresa, the huge Moses relief sculpture, etc. We are really on the 3rd floor, but it has an old fashion lift and the portiere and his wife are very nice.  They clean the apartamento every Tuesday.  We will have an opera singer in the other apartmento on the floor.  The opera is right down the street. I miss you and wish we were sharing these first few days, but it is important that you do the wedding and I get a head start on things. There are some nice shops in the neighborhood and a sculpting studio across the street." Does that sound great or what???? I am grinning!!!!

He arrived.... one piece and had a good flight. Fabio was there waiting for him and he is arranging for Fabio to pick me up too!! Pat called me from the apartment - he couldn't say enough good about it!! He said that it was beautiful and in a nice area and it even has a land line and a TV!!! Photos will follow when I arrive! He is stressed because he can't open the PC site for his email, but I couldn't open it either so it must be down for some reason. His voice sounded a bit higher pitched than usual, but he didn't get too much sleep last night and neither did I! At least, think that's what he said.......he called at 6 AM and I was sound asleep......finally!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pat leaves

It is August 19th and Pat leaves tomorrow. I am on my own for 8 days - I stayed behind to sing at the wedding of a dear friend who has sung with me since she was 4 years old!!! Anyway, I will be cleaning out my pantry and frig an hoping that my daughter and daughter in law will be able to use most of it!! I will miss Pat who is truly my other half, but I will be busy with preparations!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


So it is now August 11 th and my head is spinning! As I sit and listen to my grandchildren giggling upstairs, I realize just how much I am going to miss them these three months that I am away.....and they will miss us too!!! The back room is full of suitcases and piles of clothing.....take it......leave it many Euros to take.....which credit cards to use......can I get all my bills online.....will my herniated discs cooperate. I have made contact with the Caravita community in Rome where they have Mass in English.......yes, I am getting excited!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's getting closer....

Ok, so it is August 1st and I will be leaving in 4 weeks!!  Ack!!! I am excited and fearful all rolled into one!! We have our apartment and it is beautiful and conveniently located and things are beginning to roll!!! The above photo is the outside of our building and the next one is our kitchen!! Ciao