Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!!

Hello folks! I am both nervous and excited! The suitcase is packed and I am not looking in it again. What's in there is in there to stay!! Pat is anxious for me to arrive. His students are beginning to arrive and he is starting to gear up for class! I am having lunch with the staff today and saying goodbye to my kids and grands! ( god, I will miss them!!) Pat informs me that he has already spread the word that I am a cantor and guitarist and the Ctholic U. Program and the Lay Center have both expressed interest! He has gone to liturgies at 3 different places ranging from "icky" to "really welcoming" I am looking forward to worshipping at Caravita - I have been told this is a great community!! The rest of the churches will be for artistic appreciation!!!! I promise that pictures will come soon!!!!

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