Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He arrived....

.....in one piece and had a good flight. Fabio was there waiting for him and he is arranging for Fabio to pick me up too!! Pat called me from the apartment - he couldn't say enough good about it!! He said that it was beautiful and in a nice area and it even has a land line and a TV!!! Photos will follow when I arrive! He is stressed because he can't open the PC site for his email, but I couldn't open it either so it must be down for some reason. His voice sounded a bit higher pitched than usual, but he didn't get too much sleep last night and neither did I! At least, think that's what he said.......he called at 6 AM and I was sound asleep......finally!


  1. Glad he made it safe and sound. Now your turn milady!! I bet you can't wait to get settled in in your Roman apartment

  2. Wow Linda, tell Pat that we are excited for him and that he is there and safe!!!!!
    You have 8 more days to go! I am sooooooo excited for you!!!!!!! Best wishes for you and Pat always and forever Linda! <3

    1. ThanksLise and Patti!! I'll be doing more posting about the trip here than on Isolani - I can only write it out once - lol!!!!