Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Ok, this is not turning out to be a good trip!! Beginning in Providence, my suitcase was overweight so they told me to take somethings out or pay $90(!!!!!!) so I took some stuff out out and stuffed it in my large purse, making it weight a ton!! Then, at the gate, they made the announcement that all the bins were full on the plane, so I had to check one of my carry ons, making a mad dash to make sure I had all my "purse" stuff in the right bag! Then, the plane was pulling away from the gate and a man behind me had a heart attack - back to the gate.....they took him off and got him medical help. I hope he is ok. I get off the plane in Charlotte and realize that I have left my Rome boarding pass, my cell and my passport in the seatpocket in front of me. (the woman sitting in front of me had her seat back the whole time and I could hardly move!). They won't let me back on the plane but they sent someone to retrieve it. Whew!!!! Last, but not least, I have lost my cane/seat in the Charlotte airport. Lord, I hope the trip improves from here!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are having my un-luck with travel. Love you and hope the rest of your journey is nothing but positive memories. And easy fights!!!!

  2. Oh! No! It can only get better! It is all up from here! :D

  3. What airline was this? I will be leaving for Italy in 1 week....yikes! Will let you know when I am in Rome later this month if I can get your cell number .

  4. Oh, my! That would have all scared me to death! Prayers for uneventful travel now, until you're reunited with your Pat! just breathe and remember you'll laugh about it all some day!

  5. It's a good sign. All the bad stuff has already happened. The rest of your trip will be blessed with good times, joys, love and happy memories. Safe travel my friend!!!

  6. And I thought my trip to CA was cursed!!!!! Seriously - my bet is that the rest of your trip will be grand, as was mine!!!!
    Just be safe - that's all that matters~

  7. Tank you, dear friends for your cyber - encouragement!! The day did get much better except for a bad sciatic nerve from sitting up on a plane seat all night and swollen ankles!! It is great to see Pat again and Mary, my cell is : 401-323-2377

  8. Linda,
    What a bummer of a start, but all things taken in, you were safe and not really having any major troubles! It will be all bright and good from here on in!!!!! We are all with you!
    Give Pat a super hug and tell him we are all with you in spirit. I am sure he will grin and say at least we are not all IN YOUR APARTMENT!!!!!!! Hehehe, he knows the feeling!!!!
    P.S. I hope your ankles are better and that nerve!!!! Ouchie!