Sunday, October 28, 2012

Affirmation Sunday!

     There are ALL KINDS of awe-filled experiences to have in Italy, period. This morning, we experienced, yet again, the beauties of the liturgy at Caravita. One of the 3 priests who hold the community together, Fr. Gerry, is a Jesuit and a WONDERFUL, intelligent and Spirit-filled preacher and he shed light on the story of Bartimaeous that I had not seen before! Pat felt the same way - we were entranced and we discussed it all through lunch! (Mary Ann, we went to the same place we took you and Richard)
     Then another of the priests, Fr. Keith, (who is a recognized and published expert on the liturgy) wanted to know if I could possibly extend my stay in Rome for Advent and Christmas. I was flattered beyond words, but I told him that I missed my community back home, my subs are probably tired by now.....and my pastor would kill me!! But it felt oh, so good and affirmed to be asked!!!
Santa Lucia
   Don't ask me why this text is green and underlined - it just happened when I uploaded this photo of Santa Lucia.
    I show her image (found in a museum in Assisi) because of blind Bartimaeous, and because she is the patron saint of eyesight and I pray for my mom to be able to hold on to what little sight she has, through the intercession of Santa Lucia!

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