Tuesday, October 9, 2012

   So Sunday was a major high as I posted on Facebook. It's not every day that a priest whom you don't even know tells you that you are everything a cantor should be!!! 
     After Mass, we went to lunch with Rob and company at the Lay Center, where he lives. We met the director, a lovely woman named Donna and everyone was so welcoming!! Rob gave us a tour of the area and we saw an aloe plant that looked like it could have eaten Cleveland for breakfast!! It was huge!!

     Then we came home, watched another Brother Cadfael mystery and collapsed (lol) - still dragging from the Florence jaunt!
      Yesterday was market day farmacia day and laundry day (yeah, Rome isn't all museums and gelato!!) - what makes laundry day such a deal is that there is no dryer. I bring in a pile of wet clothes from the washer and drape them on a clothes rack and all over the apartment!! The Cistercian monastery is right across the street from us and we thought maybe we could run a clothes line from our flat to theirs, but no..... Lol!!
ciao, amici


  1. Praises well deserved!!!

    I am sure the monastery would not mind a clothes line :)

  2. We decided not to ask!!! Lol!! We just lay the stuff all over the chairs and the bed!! Lol!!