Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I was a ba-a-a-a-d girl! :-)

Yes friends, I broke the rules!
     Yesterday, there was a bus strike in Italy (when we asked why, we were told, " because they want to show that they have power!")  meh!?
    So we went to the cab stop (you cannot just hail a cab in Rome - you have to go to a cab stop and take the first cab in line.....rules, doncha know!!) and got a cab to take us to the Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia (Named after Julius III who was an insanely rich pope who bought the villa) The museum is housed in this villa and is a-maz-ing!!!! I am interested in the Etruscan culture because my mother's father is from Bolsena, the old Volsenii, an Etruscan town near Tarquinia, conquered and razed by the Romans. This branch of my family tree is very proud of their Etruscan heritage and therefore, so am I!! The museum has 3 floors filled with Etruscan history and artifacts.....and (here's the bad girl part!!!) no photos allowed!!
There were custodians on every floor, but I was able to get between cases and snap a few with my iphone cam!
Bad, bad Linda!
Add old map showing Lago di Bolsena in relation to Tarquinia, Orvieto and Rome 

Various pots, amphoras and urns found in burial sites
Statues and busts (note the 2 faced guy and the children) found in burial sites

This is the famous "Sarcofago degli Sposi" or Sarcaphagus of the Spouses - evidently death could not part them! :-)              
       After torturing my lumbar discs in order to see all three floors, we went for a l-o-n-g walk to catch the tram to the Piazza del Popolo to eat lunch and catch a taxi home. Lunch was Ensalade Dolci, which was mixed greens with apple slices, orange sections and sweet corn, which went beautifully with our pesto and pinoli gnocci! YUM!!
      Of course, Pat being Pat, we HAD to check out the Piazza del Popolo!So we took our lives in our hands and crossed two streets to the Piazza. Lovely Piazza with S. Maria del Popolo just on the left as you enter.
It was not open, but this is the central door depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ.

A beautiful pomegranate tree on the way to the tram!

    Today, I am resting my back!
ciao cari amici!


  1. The museum looks fantastic! That 2-headed guy is Janus, probably taken by the Romans (like everything else!)from the Etruscans...and I think the name Gennaro is a derivative...Their statuary is so beautiful...they taught the Romans well! It is such great fun to 'see' through your eyes!!!!
    Brava, Cara!

  2. i figured as much!!! The Romans get a lot of credit for what "my people" did - lol - of course, I also have a grandfather from Rome!!! Our driver told me that "maurizio" is a typical Roman name.
    ps. Friday we are FINALLY going to Florence for an overnight!

  3. Thank goodness you will be missing the yearly TRAIN STRIKE!!!!! We hit it royally trying to get to Venezia! You must be beside yourself spending the weekend in Florence. I WILL BE IN SCRANTON!!!!!!
    Please visit Santa Maria Novella for me - and light a candle! Just adore that church - it is probably where Michelangelo worked as an apprentice to Ghirlandaio. And when you see the frescoes in the choir behind the main altar, you will be reminded of the Sistine Chapel. He learned well!
    Let me see it again through your eyes....

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    1. I am thrilled to be finally getting to Florence. Pat really needed to get his groove established before we branched out to other cities.
      Our hotel is right near S. Maria Novella and I will make a plea for you ( complete with candle) that your "thingy" be nothing at all!!
      Why Scranton?????