Sunday, October 7, 2012

Firenze - the Agony and the Ecstacy -day 1

Lets get the agony part out of the way - I really punished my lumbar discs all on my own and with Pat's help. If I hear "It's just a short walk...." one more time, it will be grounds for divorce -lol!!! My idea of a short walk is across the street for gelato. His idea of a short walk is 7 blocks on cobblestones  to the Duomo!!!  BASTA!!!
     Now, to the ecstacy.....we got off the train and (I)hobbled across the street to S. Maria Novella, a beautiful church that holds a gorgeous crucifix done by Giotto, but there was a "NO photo policy". But I did get a photo of lunch, a typical Florentine lunch of "gnude al burro" (spinach and ricotta dumplings on a sage and romano sauce)YUM!!!!
         Thenwe wanted to go to the Academia, where the David et al is, but the line was WAY too long, so we decided to see the Duomo. I had seen the outside but had not been in it.
These cathedrals are so awe inspiring, especially upon first entering, in view of the sheer gargantuan size!! The outside is done in 3 major colors of marble, white green and pink

     There were so many things inside that drew my eye, but I lit candles here for friends who are suffering and I want them to see.

     Then, as I had all but collapsed, I sent Pat to see the Baptistry. Again, we had seen the famous Ghiberti bronze door reproductions, but not the inside. Pat loved it and took no photos (lol)
      After some rest and a gelato, we decided to go to the Duomo museum. WHAT a treasure!!! There were SO many wonderful things - way too many to show you - but I will show you 2:
The REAL bronze overlaid with gold doors of the baptistry

The Florentine Pieta by Michaelangelo, meant for his tomb

One of the "Cantoria" panels by Luca delle Robbia

     We took a taxi back to our Bed and Breakfast, had some dinner and went to sleep! Tomorrow begins at 8:15 at the Medici Chapel!!


  1. Cara - grazie a te per il photo della chiesa di Santa Maria Novella! Mi piace molto!!!

  2. Oh good!!! You got it!!! I was hoping you did!! It's so beautiful!