Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two again and an "uh-oh"

So yesterday, as I posted on Facebook about S. Pietro In Vinculi and the Moses, was a wonderful day! After S. Pietro, we went to S. Maria Maggiore (of unhappy memory as I had to trek home for 9 blocks after seeing it and John Lateran!!!) because Pat was taking his class there today and a professor can never be TOO prepared!!
    So here is Moses again and a treasure from S. Maria

Moses from another angle

I thought it interesting - a star of David among the floor mosaics!

      After the church, we went into a museum adjoining the church that had some gorgeous stuff!! Here are 2 things that caught me eye especially:

GORGEOUS 6 ft tall angel candlesticks

This pose of the baby made me laugh; "Yo! Ma! Got milk?"

      So we parted ways at Maria Maggiore -Pat went to meet a student at the Center and I went shopping and back home (found a shop that sells Fontanini - bought a baby Jesus, covered with a blanket in the manger and an angel!)proud of myself that I got the right bus and didn't end up across the Tiber!! I check my email and find that Pat has sent me an email saying that he "lost" his wallet or that it was stolen in his confusion of getting on the Metro going the wrong way and trying to get off and go the other way! (major sigh!!) I had to cancel the credit card and make arrangements to get another (that took an hour or so) and we are out one driver's license, 50 euros and a bus pass! GRRRRR! Oh well! At least he still has his passport!!
Hope tomorrow is better!


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  2. I know how your Dad felt! I'd swear Moses was breathing!!!! The only people I see are the beggars and the vendors - not too many gypsy-types around.

  3. I wasn't with him so I don't really know what happened except he got flustered!

  4. So sorry.. that stinks!!!
    Good luck getting everything replaced. They do make this process a bit easier nowadays