Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting ready......

.....for Assisi!!
     Next week is a break for classes at CEA, we we are going for 3 days to Assisi. This has special meaning for Pat because he was a Franciscan for 9 years (of course, he's been my husband for 41 years, so I guess I beat out St. Francis -lol!!)
     We left the apartment at 9:30 - only in Rome can one encounter 2 Orthodox rabbis who were conversing in Italian, and who greeted us in Hebrew (shabbat shalom!) and be followed by a group of youth pilgrims babbling and singing in German! What a great town!
    So today we went to a great little store near the Pantheon where they sell Italian food for the cook and we sent our daughter a big box for her birthday, which is on Halloween, because she LOVES to cook!!!
     We have been to so many churches, we are now reduced to seeing churches named after saints we never heard of! St Eustachio??  He looks young.

Perhaps he is the patron of ears - are the Eustachian tubes in your ears?? But he has  nice church with lovely angel fonts

     Anyway, we traveled on to St. Augustino to see another Caravaggio, The Madonna of Loreto. I was particularly anxious to see this as I played and sang the 7:00PM Sunday liturgy for 15 + years at Our Lady of Loreto, and my ensemble still does their patronal feast! Here she is - looks like baby Jesus has put on a few pounds back in Loreto!!  Lol!!
(something you don't hear everyday - a horse just went down our street followed by 2 scooters!)
   So tomorrow we will attend mass at Caravita, I will be the psalmist and then we will board a train for Assisi! My next post will be from there!!
ciao, amici!

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  1. We are so excited (I deleted your comment by mistake, Irene - sorry - I was trying to delete mine) our hotel is right near S. Maria deli Angeles and I so look forward to seeing it and the Giottos in the big cathedral. I hope we can see Francis' robe again!