Thursday, October 11, 2012

"It's a turn down day"

And it was one of those days where you need to get stuff done. There was a burned out light bulb (my side of the bed!!) to replace (fortunately, it is the job of the "super", so our guy Marco gave me one) and a broken hair dryer to replace. WOW!! Are hair dryers expensive here!!!! I got a small travel hair dryer for 39 euros because the regular sized ones were 98!!!!
     Then I found a store that was going out business (always looking for a 50% off sale - clothing is outrageously expensive here) and got Pat a dress shirt and a polo and some ties for Tim!
      Then I spent the afternoon working on the liturgy at the Lay Center - trying to get music from which to play and trying to create an order of service/worship aid! A lady at GIA was INCREDIBLY helpful and created and sent me a PDF of the psalm of the day, and J. Michael Thompson sent me his text for the Feast and it was even placed with the tune!!!! By George, I think I got it!!!
     Cooked pasta Bolognese!!
today is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council - the synod of bishops is going on as I write. Let us pray that the inbreathing of the Spirit at Vatican II will continue to inspire our bishops to see the gifts we all have to offer!

Blessed John XXIII, pray for us

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