Saturday, October 13, 2012

WARNING: Art rhapsodizing!!!!

Today we went to the Vatican Museum - yes, I had been before but only for 2 hours and Pat ad never been, so we set off on the Metro which took us very close to the entrance of the museum, but at the bottom of some stairs.

Whew! I was dead before we even got in line, but we got in after only a 1/2 hour! We saw SO MUCH that my poor words can never describe it all nor can I post all 179 photos, but I shall give highlights:
     Naturellement, the Sistine ceiling take my breath every time I see it! My boy Michelangelo is amazing!!

   Then there was Raphael's painting of the Eucharistic miracle at Bolsena (my grandfather's paese!) which precipitated the declaring of the Feast of Corpus Christi

Pat really wanted to see Raphael's School of Athens and Dispute over the Eucharist and we did see them in all their glory!
     I was soooo  impressed with collection of altar screens or icon screens (not sure which to call them) - gorgeous, every one

And last, but certainly not least, was the Merlozzo da Forli room with his fresco fragments of angels and apostles - Irene, it would have blown your socks off as it did mine!

Praise Him with drums and cymbals ps. 150
Praise him with strings and reeds  ps. 150           Ok, I lied! This is the last thing: There are rooms with modern art work and some of these are lovely and awe inspiring and gives me hope for the future of Italian art (meaning they didn't blow it all in the Renaissance!!)

Pentecost in bronze (the whole piece is magnificent)

an unfinished madonna in stone

I am pooped and I have to walk 1/2 way to church tomorrow because the taxis and the buses are having a strike again!


  1. Cara, I am thrilled that you got to see the daForli angels...I DID NOT!!!! I just got to see the posters!
    I think one would have to spend the rest of one's life in Rome, searching every day, in order to see it all...and by then there would be more discovered!
    Thak you for letting me see through your eyes!

  2. I agree!! And because I cannot walk to far, I miss some stuff that I can't get to by bus or Metro. But I thank God for them!!! Museums are tough for me....standing and walking.....standing and walking.....but I have my cane seat and there are some benches along the way!
    Enjoy, Cara!!

  3. Oh the da forli angels are so beautiful!! I had forgotten about them!!! I love to read about all your adventures, Linda - it's like opening a little window onto Roma each day!

  4. Hi Julie!!! Entering the Da Forli room was magical!!! I so love those angels!! And I so love sharing my days with you!!! wish you were here too.....but I am glad you are THERE!! Lol!!