Tuesday, October 16, 2012

O, Che Gioia!!!

    It still tickles me that I can go out on a Tuesday morning and come home around 2 and find my entire apartment cleaned, bathroom scrubbed, towels replaced and bed changed!!! It's the little thing, ya know??? I love it!!!
      We went to Piazza del Popolo this morning, a mere 4 stops on the Metro. We wanted to see the Caravaggios at S. Maria (who else??) del Popolo - which we did (after elbowing our way past a large tour group that was camping there!!!) Of course, NO PHOTOS, but my leetle iphone makes no noise when I hit the shutter, so......

here is his conversion of St. Paul!

     Then we went to a marvelous little museum devoted to the mechanical drawing of Leonardo da Vinci, with the history of a few of his paintings sprinkled into the mix. Artisans had built copies of the machines from da Vinci's drawings and they were inter-active so you could try them out.....except for the portable piano!

It said on the blurb that it sounded like a viola....so why not just play a viola and walk along??  Lol!!
     They had a wonderful film on the restoration of daVinci's Last Supper and there was a copy of the finished restoration there.

      Then we went to Mass across the piazza at yet another church (S. Maria della Miracolo) and we prayed for all who have asked for our prayers and our dear ones who are ill. But off to the side was a small altar and you could leave offerings to both S. Lucia and S. Rita of Cascia. Well, my mom is legally blind, so I left something at S. Lucia (patroness of the eyes) and my God mother, who is struggling with dementia, is Rita. So I left something for S. Rita and left my two moms in their care!
And now I am sitting in my newly cleaned apartment contemplating a nap, so I can go hear highlights from Italian opera at the local Anglican church tonight!!
Ciao, belli amici!!


  1. I am so jealous I could spit! But I will be thrilled for you instead, CARA!

  2. Oh honey, I wish you were with me every time I see something we both love - like the Lady With The Ermine today at the da Vinci museum!! I miss you and I miss my dollies, but this is truly the experience of a lifetime.....2 lifetimes..... :-)

  3. And we miss you! BUT this opportunity is certainly not being wasted on you and Pat...and how joyous it all is! The lady with the ermine....is she even more beautiful in person? unlike Mona!!!!!

  4. I will probably never see Mona in person, but the Lady with the Ermine is gorgeous!!! (as are the Caravaggios!!! They knock your eyes out!!!

  5. Seriously - Mona was a disappointment to me...so dark...and not particularly attractive!

    I am still pondering your cleaning fairies....I could live with that!

  6. Well, phooey!!! The years were not kind to Mona! And the cleaning fairies are a perk I was not expecting, but I was told it came with the rental of the apartment!!