Monday, October 8, 2012

Firenze - The Agony and The Ecstacy - day 2

    It's 8:00 AM and we are standing at the entrance of the Medici chapel. We are let in at 8:15 and we go through a metal detector (as we do for many of the larger tourist attractions including St. Peter's) and set out into the chapel. The first floor has lush liturgical furnishings that truly belong in a museum! The second floor is the large chapel - it is very masculine in color and style - all browns and dark greens!
     Then we went to the chapel where the Michelangelo monuments for Lorenzo and (another Medici I can't remember) are displayed. INCREDIBLE!!! The workmanship, the polish of the marble, the muscular delineation, the sinewy definition, the casually seductive poses of the "Day and Night, "Dawn and Evening" - the genius!!! Ah! Truly ecstacy!!
but NO PHOTOS ALLOWED!!! BOO!!!   I sat in the foyer while Pat went to check out of our hotel and check our bags.
I needed the rest! :-(
       Next, a taxi to the Museo San Marco, a Dominican monastery decorated by Fra Angelico! The individual monks
's cells each had a Fra Angelico masterpiece frescoed on the wall. I took a photo of every cell (until I found out that photos were not allowed!!  Oooooops!) Each one was wonderful!

Noli me tangere

Another anunciation

The Resurrection

Pat contemplating a Fra Angelico crucifixion

    After basking in the glories of the frescoes, we went downstairs to illuminated manuscript exhibit! It showed how the monks did this work, all their materials and  samples of HUGE books (I wouldn't want to be the cantor, lector or deacon who had to carry one of them! lol) But they too, were glorious - made me want to get out my pens again (I did buy some ink....)
     Now, after this we had lunch and attempted the Uffizi - we figured the line would be down the street, but we were wrong. We walked in and asked for 2 tickets and we got them....just like that!!!!! Sorry to say that there are NO photos in the Uffizi and there are guards everywhere, so no photos of any of this amazing art. If you have been to the Uffizi, you know what I am talking about; if you haven't been, GO!!!
     Here we are on the roof, enjoying the view (and the chairs!!!)

   We took a txi to the train station and slept all the way O che gioia!!!


  1. Loved reading about your past weekend's adventures.
    Sorry about your back. It is not fun to try to enjoy something while you are in pain.

    Everything looked and sounded amazing. I am definitely going to have to go see it for myself... since photos aren't allowed... :)

  2. Well, I am glad that someone found those angels!!!! Sounds like a glorious trip!!!!

    1. OMG, how could I forget the angel musicians???!!! And you could actually miss them quite easily as they are just a border on a huge gold madonna! I am going to add a pic of one on the next post because it won't let me post pics in a comment!