Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't ride the Metro when it rains!

     It's pouring down rain and the wind is blowing umbrellas inside out. We have to meet our friend Rob across town to pick up our rent-a-car for our little jaunt over the All Saint's Day holiday. We get on the Metro.....just barely.....the door is gliding over Pat's backside as it closes. I have never been packed  in with that much humanity in my life!!!  I was poked prodded and leaned against by male and female and I know I violated at least 2 people with my cane!!! It was impossible to fall down because you were held upright by bodies!!
     Any way, we meet Rob, walk 6 blocks in the pouring rain to the  car rental I leave the rental place (which had put cardboard outside for foot wiping) I slipped on said cardboard, fell on my @$$, and now not only my sleeves and feet are soaking wet, but my backside is SOAKED......and I am on my way to Mass and dinner at the Lay Center......can you say "miserable"?  Mass was in Italian (frustrating), the gloria and the closing were in Latin but we sang Keil's Psalm 24 and Haas' Blest Are They - at least those were in English!
     So we finally get our car - a Mercedes Benz!!!!!!! We were so psyched to be going to Siena, Orvieto and Bolsena in the comfort of a MERCEDES!!!!  I immediately began singing "O Lord, woncha buy me a Mercedes Benz" and it is still running through my head!
     Rob picks us up tomorrow at 10 and we are a car....not a bus....not the Metro......but a car!!!!
Wooo hooo!!
More later from Siena!


  1. Being on one's arse anywhere - in the wet, no less - is a humiliating experience, says someone who knows!
    Glad God sent you a Mercedes Benz! He sent us a Land Rover that was fantastic!

  2. and I managed to do it the sunshine, on the steps of the Duomo in will follow.....

  3. Sorry about your fall my friend. This is one thing you do not need!!! And getting wet and uncomfortable to boot... yuck

    I can just picture you signing that song and that made me smile

    1. I sure could use a chiropractor right about now, Lise, but I did enjoy my Mercedes-Benz! :-)