Sunday, November 25, 2012


    I am still not out of the woods with whatever crud has invaded my body - still a cough with a low grade fever - am napping daily (which is very unusual for me) and feeling generally crappy. But today was to be my last day to cantor at Caravita, so I HAD to go. As I have written before, this community has meant a lot to Pat & I and Father Jim H. gave us a truly beautiful send -off! I will miss them very much and I feel so blest that they accepted me to minister among them!
     We had lunch at another one of the myriad little restaurants lining the small back streets, went home and took a nap (sigh), called the family and now we are contemplating dinner as we listen to the church bells ring 6:00PM.
      I guess I am getting nostalgic as I prepare to leave - my life will be so different and hardly "blog-worthy" when I get home!
I am posting this because one can never see too many angels!

from S. Paul outside the walls

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