Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bolsena - a family affair

     Yesterday, my sister and I with our husbands took a trip to Bolsena to see our family. Our grandfather, Nazzareno, left 2 sisters in Italy (Anna and Concetta) when he immigrated to the US. This family in Bolsena are the progeny of Anna and Concetta.
     It took us 6 freakin' hours to get there, by Metro, commuter train, taxi and bus (with only 1 mishap- which cost us an hour)But it was so wonderful to see our family again and introduce them to my sister, Jean! From our mother's generation, there was TILDE AND LIVIO - from our generation, there was Cesaretta, Maria Vittoria and Antonella
Tilde, Livio and Antonella

Maria Vittoria, Jean, Cesaretta and Pat K.

the altar of the miracle
    After a sumptuous meal, we went to the church of Santa Christina, a 4th century virgin martyr. This was the church where my grandfather was baptized and attended until his immigration. It is also the church of the Eucharistic miracle of Bolsena, which was the impetus for the declaration of the feast of Corpus Christi.
      My cousins have made the "infiorata", carpets of flowers over which the Blessed Sacrament is taken in procession, for over 50 years as they live along the route of the procession. Cesaretta has a website showing them:
     Then they took us to the train and showed us a MUCH shorter way to get home. We were a bit confused, but as we entered the train station in Montefiascone, we saw 3 seminarians that Pat had met at the North American College. They had spent the day there in search of a good meal. But really!!!!   What are the chances of 4 Americans meeting up with people they know from the States in the tiny town of Montefiascone!!!!
      So, we got home in 1 1/2 hours and slept VERY quickly and very well!!!


  1. The infiorata are magnificent! What glories people can achieve! Were the ones posted those of your cousins?
    It must be grand for Jean to be able to meet your family people...and Mom must be thrilled! They all seem very 'simpatico' - ma certo!

    1. All of the infiorata in Cesaretta's website were done by her and her helpers. She conceived and drew the designs and the neighbors helped her to fill them in.
      It was truly a wonderful experience of family.....actually it was a freakin' scene out of Moonstruck -lol!!!!