Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I like playng tour guide!!

    I took  my sister and her husband to Mary Major and to John Lateran today. I had been to each church twice before, so I was able to tell them a good deal about the churches.
     We arrived at Mary Major and toured the church for about an hour. Here is an angel I missed the first 2 times.

When we left to go to the Lateran, we stood at the bus stop for ever. Not only did our bus not come by, but there were NO buses.....nor cars, for that matter. We were told that there were demonstrations blocking the roads. We could hear the shouting and the bullhorns and we could see the helicopters overhead. So we walked back to the piazza and enjoyed the beautiful day, had some gelato and began walking to the Lateran. We stopped for lunch and walked to within 2 stops of the Lateran before the buses could get through.
      We enjoyed the Lateran and I found this that I had missed the 1st 2 times.
     We were pretty pooped by then so we hopped the 2 buses back to the apartment and had some quiet time.
      Tomorrow, Pat will take them to Assisi and I will play my regular Thursday Mass at the Lay Center.


  1. Is Mary Major where the large statue of Madonna della Pace is in the vestibule? I remember being so taken with that statue....
    I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I am still following and living Italy vicariously through you!

  2. Cara, you have been busy getting things off your chest!!! LOL!! Yes, the Madonna delle Pace is there and, as was I, Jean was very taken with the statue also!!
    Can you believe that I am only here for 2 more weeks???? I am having very mixed feelings about coming home!

    1. It seems surreal! You have so much yet to see!!!!!

  3. I still marvel at the places I see and the people I meet! After this, I KNOW I am Italian - I feel so at home here!