Friday, November 16, 2012

Yes, Virginia, there are angels...

For those of you who read my blog but not on Facebook, here was yesterday.Another prayerful liturgy at the Lay Center/ a lovely lady gave me a ride down 2 long hills to the Taxi stand where I discovered that I had brought my music bag but had left my purse at the center. So I had to tromp back UP the one hill praying the whole way that the purse was there and not in the lady's car! Well, I rang the bell and the nice lady at the desk checked the dining room and, indeed,
I had left my purse. I was just about to march up the 2nd hill when another wonderful lady came down the hill and offered to walk up and get it for me (I think she had wings somewhere because she sure looked like an angel to me!) She did and I walked down the hill to the bus and got home. Then I enjoyed  a quiet afternoon because Pat took my sister and BIL to Assisi! I watched NCIS and Criminal Minds, prepared the psalm for next Thursday's liturgy and crocheted 3 necklaces and went to the Pastichierri and bought cake! It was heavenly!!
    So today, Pat had to go in to the Center and I took the gang to see S. Maria degli angeli e martiri. It is an amazing church witha beautiful blend of old and new art (I think I wrote about it in an earlier post). Then I introduced them to the wonders of the Italian grocery store and I got my BIL to pull the cart home!!
     After lunch, we went shopping and found this wonderful little mercato off the main drag. We made a few purchases, ate some gelato and began walking home. My husband spotted us walking and, for a joke, came up to me and started to take my shopping bag. I was so startled I nearly clocked him with my cane!!! We had a good laugh!!
     Tomorrow, we go to Viterbo and Bolsena!

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