Thursday, November 22, 2012

Roman holiday (no, not the movie...)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at the Lay Center in Rome.  We were met by students at the gate and guided to the dining room with torches on the ground made of wax in pie tins with very thick wicks - very Easter vigil-y! The dining room was beautifully decorated
    and the food, while not tasting like Thanksgiving, was exquisite!!! Turkey and all the trimmings!!
       We sat with Rob, his friend Avery (who we had met in Orvieto), 2 more friends of his, Kelsey and Jacovo and Kyle, one of the students at the Center from Hershey, PA! While not family, they were delightful company and we were so happy to share Thanksgiving with them.

Pat, Avery, Rob, Kyle, Kelsey and Jacovo - I am taking the picture!

     As if I don't have enough for which to be thankful, another manifestation of God's providence occurred. It is a LONG walk from the Lay Center to the street and an even longer walk to the taxi stand. Pat & I left at 9 because we wanted to get home and SKYPE the children. I was fading because of my back (and fighting a cold) We made it to the street following the torches which were still burning) and began the long trek to the taxi stand when, lo and behold, a cab came up the street, stopped as he passed us, turned around in the middle of the street ( they do that here!) and pulled  up to us. I asked if he could take us to Via Torino and he said yes! Now, you don't "hail" cabs in Rome. You have to go to a stand where the cabs wait for fares. So this was literally a God-send! Thank you God, for the little things too!!

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