Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Everyday is an adventure in Italy, mainly because we are always wondering if we will end up where we set out to go! lol!
     Yesterday, we saw a wonderful exhibit on the Sistine ceiling complete with original sketches by my boy, Michelangelo (see Facebook). It was near the Oratory of S. Francis Xavier del Caravita where we attend liturgy. The people there - clergy and congregants - have been a wonderful faith community support for us. The clergy s so learned and kind and they have welcomed me as a cantor and have welcomed us as a part of their community. They were a lifesaver and They are cherished new friends! Michael J. - so grateful for your recommendation!
      Then we went to the Center - the people there have been so helpful and welcoming - they couldn't have been better new friends. Then we came home to our flat and the portiere and his wife have been wonderful new friends (she's the cleaning fairy!)
     Tomorrow, I will play and sing Mass at the Lay Center in the morning and have Thanksgiving dinner with them in the evening . Rob has been a steadfast friend and companion this whole time. Donna and her staff have been so welcoming that I almost forget about that L-O-N-G walk up the hill to get there -lol!! We have been SO BLEST and have felt the Hand of God in all of our endeavors(even the tumble down the Duomo steps in Orvieto!!)
     Feeling a cold brewing for the last 5 days, I took a nap.....the cold is still brewing and threatening to become full blown! :-( (cough - atchoo!) CR@P!!!
    Oh yes, there are 2 new angels in the firmament of heaven - here are some fun photos we took the last day my sister was here - there was a huge set of sculpted wings in the window and we couldn't resist! LOL!
my brother-in-law, Patriel (who looks more like Santa Claus with wings!)

....and Lindrael!
     musing......I am grateful for toilet seats - there are precious few of them here.....I am grateful for our elevator......I am grateful for the pastichierie across the street and the Tavola Calde next door. I am grateful for all too infrequent seats on the bus......I am grateful for all the incredibly neat shops that I have seen and in which I have bought wondrous things......I am grateful for all the art surrounding me....everywhere.....I am grateful for taxis when my back just can't walk anymore......I am grateful for how my cooking tastes over here - my husband says it's as good as any restaurant.......but mostly I am grateful for family, here and at home, and friends, old and new, here and at home, who have made this stay an amazing experience through their presence, help and concern, both in person and by Facebook and email.....there is more, but I am faint with hunger and will continue tomorrow....


  1. 22-11-12
    Buona festa di Santa Cecelia!!!!
    Con affetto ed un grand abbraccio!

  2. Grazie, Cara!! In 8 days I can give you "un grand abbraccio" in person!!! :-)