Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday/Day 4

    It was a grey and rainy day. We began ( as we always begin Sunday) with Liturgy. Pat went to the North Am. College to have mass and brunch with the seminarians and our friend, David Gaffney. I went to Caravita as I was supposed to cantor there. Rob and his friends, Federico and Georgia, picked us up in the Mercedes (!) and we set off for Tivoli for lunch. We went to a fabulous place where everything is homemade! We got to know Federico and Georgia despite the language barrier. Poor Rob was the official translator. We were very curious to ask Federico about his job as he is a journalist for the Vatican radio station......interesting work.....
    Here are the 5 of us - photo taken by a helpful waiter!

Federico, Pat, moi, Georgia and Rob
     I was pretty beat by then and Pat had prep for class, so we ended our adventure last night at around 5!
     Today, I have not stirred from the apartment......I need 'alone' time!


  1. There are grey, rainy days in Rome? I don't believe it!!!! Isn't it wonderful to have so many indoor spots to frequent?

    I loved all your stories of ORvieto and Bolsena, ma certo!

    Keep those candles lit!

  2. Candles are burning and prayers are being said!! I am with you tomorrow, cara mia