Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday on the Ponte Vecchio with Jean!

It's Sunday and it is cloudy and ominous, but we are determined to shop the Ponte Vecchio. So the 4 of us set out and arrive around 10. A kind fellow wayfarer took our picture
   I don't know why Pat and I look so windblown and Jean and Pat do not!!

      Pat and Pat take off for parts unknown and Jean and I spent the time admiring gold, and silver and rose gold and cameos.....we each bought ourselves a "remembrance " of Florence, a bracelet for me and earrings for Jean!        Then we walked to the piazza which runs beside the Uffizi where there are wonderful statues of the great men of Florence.


    There was even a statue that took a special interest in me!!! Such fun!!!

Me and my "statue"
    We boarded the train and were in Rome by 3:30 and back to the flat where we all collapsed and will remain collapsed until the morning!!!

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