Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the final days....

    My Roman adventure is coming to a close - yesterday, at HUGE expense, we got a box mailed to the US with all the goodies we have purchased and collected (every program, ticket, brochure, note etc.) during our stay. We also got word that a dear friend of ours was very near near death and continues to hover between worlds, unwilling to let go. In your kindness, please pray for his peace and safe passing. Last night, we had a "farewell" dinner with Rob (at 8:30 PM!!! Poor guy had to teach until 8:00)
      Today, I am beginning to pack - a monumental job! When the rain lets up, I will visit  a new mercato just around the corner from the flat. I think it's a Christmas mercato and will not be there after Christmas. Tonight, hopefully, we will visit Piazza Navona as it is decorated for Christmas. Normally, I am an "Advent celebrator", but how often will I be able to see Christmas lights and mercatos in Rome?
will report more later.....ciao


  1. You MUST take pictures of Rome alight with Christmas!!!!
    Enjoy you last days in Italia, cara~

    1. Ma certo!!! I just got back from an outdoor mercado in the rain - feel sorry for the vendors as they had to keep covering and uncovering their booths, but some of the wares are wonderful!!! I am now noshing on the most wonderful amaretti with Pinole nuts and am in danger of finishing the bag!!!! Can't wait to see you - keep praying for Stanley.

  2. Aw, Linda, your adventure of a lifetime is coming to a close. I know you have your eyes and heart peeled wide open to savor every minute detail before your departure. I'm praying your last bit of time will be wonderful. Sad with you for the closure of this mountain-top experience. Excited for your family which is no doubt ecstatic about your return. LOVE TO YOU! SusieQ

  3. Thank you, Ms SusieQ :-) You are so sweet! This most definitely has been a mountaintop experience, but now it is time to walk down the mountain and bring all that I have experienced with me!!! And I cannot wait to hug my grands!!!!

  4. I am living through your adventure-and hope to do it with my daughter sometime soon. Safe travels for you and Pat!!!
    love, chris

  5. Thanks Chris!!! I had hoped that either of my kids could come and visit but was not to be - we'll have stories to tell!!