Saturday, November 24, 2012

Enchantment.....and demonstrations

So I crawled out of my sickbed, because we had tickets to see/hear "Music of the time of Carravaggio" at the Galleria Doria-Pamphilij. It was done by Roma Opera Omnia, and it was a combination guided tour punctuated by musical selections from early Baroque. These were presented by a Baroque guitarist (a Baroque guitar has just 10 strings, but mine is not "baroque-n" - it has all 12 -HA HA), a soprano and a combination percussionist/"looks like a flute, sounds like a recorder -ist"!! Who knew that my ensemble back in Providence has it's roots in the early Baroque? :-)
      After that was over, we toured the rest of the museum - the picture I posted yesterday was one of the most lovely Carravaggios in the collection, "Rest on the Flight Into Egypt", showing the Holy Family in a moment of repose on the way to Egypt. I think it is just charming the way St. Joseph is holding the music so the angel can unite heaven and earth!!
     When we left the museum, the streets were ABSOLUTELY barren - no buses, no taxis, no cars even. Evidently, there was a huge demonstration going on at the Victor Emmanuel monument (the one all the Romans hate) and no traffic could get through - so Pat and I went to lunch. After lunch, we browsed an open-air mercato where I bought a very beautiful Michelangelo T-shirt and, from a small Oriental man sitting crossed-legged on the curb, an origami frog made fro PALM!
Not only shall every stone cry  on Palm Sunday, but evidently every frog shall croak! :-)

    Then we sort of stumbled on to the Trevi Fountain, so we sat for a while, threw in a coin and caught a taxi home. Then I crawled back into my bed for a nap.....still not completely well yet......ciao!

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