Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A bit of nothing

You've commented about how heavenly and beautiful this all sounds and, indeed, it IS!!!!! But there ARE some drawbacks:
      The showers are about 3 feet square - large enough for standing upright, but as soon as you raise your elbows to wash something....bang! Bang!.....and forget about your feet. And washing your hair is an adventure!! They have covered the floor with a substance that turns slippery as ice the moment water touches it, so there is the balance factor too! Now I know why the hygiene factor differs in Europe! Lol!!
    You would think that a restaurant that is nice enough to have damask table cloths and napkins would have enough funds for a toilet seat!!!! What is the deal with balancing over the porcelain bowl????
    Taking the bus gets old after a while ( for this person who jumps in her car for any errand) but they run pretty regularly and I am getting the hang of it!
     Cobblestones and canes are a tough combination!! I have found a cane here to replace the one that was taken and it is a huge help as it lets me sit when the sciatic nerve gets too irritated. It has a seat that opens.but the cobblestones grab on to the bottom!
      Pat no longer has to trek out (2 doors down) for expresso in the morning - we have now learned to make it and the stove even has a setting for the expresso pot so the flame doesn't get too wide!!
     Carrying the groceries home has proven somewhat less of a challenge as we found a cart with wheels in the shared closet on our floor!! Yay!!!
     Oh yeah, I broke out in hives the first day I went to the center - very specific places-under my right arm to the elbow and on my right leg. The next day it was the left u dream to the elbow and the left toe - go figure??? I still itch a bit but it is getting netter! Above^_ I mean left arm - for some reason, it won't let me correct!
Ciao, amici! Enough be-atchin' for now!
Our little ( hold three people basta) elevator!!!! I love it!,,,


  1. Ahhh .. the realities of living behind the beauty -- oh well -- glad you're adjusting .. and oh the compensations ---gelato, expresso, the art, the music, the sunlight!!! LOL

  2. I keep thinking there HAS to be a portable toilet seat somewhere...sorriso...forse niente!
    Anyway - I suspect that these small challenges will be taken in stride VERY soon, and make you all the more delighted to return to former life in USA.
    Have you heard anyone refor to us as "oooza" yet? It too me awhile to catch it!
    Still wishing I could have joined you...when is your first excusion out of Rome planned?

  3. Cara, I was thinkng of inventing one that you can inflate when needed!! Lol!!
    No "oooza" yet, but would have loved prowling the vias and viales with you!!!
    Our first outing from Rome will be to Florence, but not until next week-end! Pat needs to do some scouting of class sites this week end!
    Ciao, bella!

    1. Bet you are just a bit excited about Firenze!!! Your Etruscan heart must be palpitating like crazy!!! I am just so thrilled for you - has to be a bit like an overdue honeymoon for you two....

    2. You bet I am!!! My Etruscan heart cannot wait to get here AND my Etruscan heart is so looking forward to see Etruria and the ruins there!!! As for the honeymoon part, it does remind me of when we first got married....BUT.....living in 2 rooms does a LOT for togetherness.....and he won't go anywhere without me!! He is at the Forum with his class this morning - the only way I could get out of it was to plead that I would hold the class back, as I cannot walk as fast..... and I am enjoying the peace!!!.....and maybe a bit of shopping :-)

  4. Yes Lin, the compensations are FAR greater than the inconveniences!!! I am finding compensations every day in my own neighborhood!!!

  5. It's amazing what we all take for granted. Good luck!!

  6. Thanks, Lise!! I'll need it (every time I squeeze myself into the shower -lol!!!)