Friday, September 21, 2012

A post of it's own!

Oh yeah, THIS deserves a post of it's own!
     I love my ensemble!!  I love the people I have left in charge! But they nearly killed me by sending me an mp3 of rehearsal Wednesday night.
     Because of the readings this week, I had planned to do Marty Haugen's "Unless You Learn" from his wonderful work "Song f Mark" My son, who is one of my subs) portrayed Jesus when we actually performed the work. So I get this email from Liz (one of my altos) saying that they had recorded the song for me, knowing how much I loved it. So, I settle in to hear it, with a sweet smile on my face, anticipating a tear or two!
     With the first notes, my jaw drops and I am close to fainting. They have rendered a country-western version!!! They are trying to KILL me!!   Lol!!! Then, after much hilarity, they settle down and do the piece beautifully! They actually put it on Youtube!!!
      Have I mentioned that I love my ensemble......even if they are trying to kill me!!! :-)

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