Thursday, September 13, 2012

We have company!!!

     Pat's sister and her husband have arrived in Rome and are staying the night with us before they take off on their own tour of Italy! Tomorrow, we will take them to "our" churches right here in the neighborhood - 4 within 3 blocks - and buy them some gelato!!!. It has been very nice to spend an evening talking with people whom you are fairly sure understand you - lol!!! I'll post a photo tomorrow!!
     A fairly violent storm blew in some of the coolest weather I have seen since I arrived 2 weeks ago! We have shut off the a/c and are sleeping with the windows open for the first time. You can hear every conversation down on the street - we are on the 3rd floor - and they sound like they are in the room!!! Every time a car goes by, I feel like I want to jump out of the way 😨 and....there are no screens.......oh crap!!!! He comes a helicopter!!!! I may never get to sleep!!!😱

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