Sunday, September 9, 2012


    Today (Sunday) we worshipped with the Caravita Community. This place was recommended to me by Michael Joncas, so it was no surprise that the liturgy was beautiful, prayerful and done with style and grace!(As an aside, we've been to Sunday Eucharist in two different churches and both of them used pieces written by Michael!!) But the homilist was amazing!!! His homily was at least 20 minutes long and every word, every story, every allusion was compelling! We felt so blest to hear it!! We also read that Mozart had given a concert there in that little oratory when he was a teen. It was wondrous to know that we walked on the same floor as he did and made music in the same place that he did!! Oh yeah, the cantor asked me to sing with the choir (which consisted of the cantor and 3 empty chairs -lol!!)
        Then we went to the Pantheon (which is just down the street) and got to see the wonders of the inside. Aside from the miraculous dome, the more modern renderings of the stations of the cross blew my mind! We had lunch at a great little tavola - wonderful salads and brushchetta!!
     Since my back was shot, we came home around 3:30, got gelato and learned how to make expresso with that little pot thingy We were very proud of ourselves!! :-)
     Pat is now preparing for tomorrow's class!

Love to all!

Just above is our lunch salad (I figured this would balance out all the calories in the pastries Iposted last time.
Above that -The 10th station (Jesus is stripped) in the Pantheon
Above that - The 12th station (Jesus dies on the cross) in the Pantheon
Above that is "God" shining through the dome at the Caravita Oratory!
and the top picture is a marble angel in the church of St. Ignatius, right next door to Caravita. (We had to take a bus and we got there early so we poked around in the church next door!! )


  1. I am always in awe....

  2. Linda, just beautiful and fantastic! So happy for you!
    Your salad look delish! :) The church.......inspired!

  3. I am filled with awe and inspiration daily......

  4. If there is anything in the pics you might find useful, please use them!!