Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spanish Steps

Yesterday, after the ironing debacle, we went to the Spanish Steps and Piazza Spagne on the Metro (lots of walking - I was shot!) It was mobbed with all sorts of people carrying all sorts of cameras (including me!) I quit even window shopping after I saw a pair of shoes for $750.00!!!!

     There is this wonderful monument at the end of the piazza. Mary is at the top, but there are 4 statues of Old Testament figures about 1/2 way up. Of course, David with his harp is my favorite!

Photos: 1) David with his harp!
              2)  Despite the resemblance to "Audrey II" in "Little Shop of Horrors" they are Chestnuts (and yes, they were roasting on an open fire)
          3) For everyone and every reason, there is gelato! All the men in the shop were asking for a taste!!  Lol!!
      4) Dinner last night - beef pattie with a potato, eggplant, pepper and zuchini mixtures.......and I made it!

ciao amici, L.


  1. You are cooking like a native, cara!

  2. That's what Pat says! Bless his heart!!

  3. ok, so for starters, if you bought the magical $750.00 shoes, your feet would probably stop hurting.

    Viagra Gelato?
    is that an advertisement or ingredient?

  4. If you had seen the shoes, you wouldn't even have to ask - a few leather straps onto stilettos!!
    Yes, it is Viagra gelato - it's more of a joke than anything else. All the guys thought it tasted like bubble gum - lol!!!

  5. Even more reason to suspect that they're magic. Obviously the materials cost next to nothing. they must be charging $750 for SOMEthing.

    ah, stilettos...
    Gotta love those Italian fashions!
    With all of that innate sensual style you'd think that they wouldn't need the Viagra.

    1. Ok so, first of all, if I put stilettos on my feet, I might as well just get a wheel chair! My feet are fine since the surgeries - it's my dang herniated discs!!!
      And second of all, sensual style has little to do with the actual physical apparatus being able to "rise" to the occasion -lol!!!

  6. just one more non-sequitor
    I love the way my Times New Roman typing becomes elegant calligraphy when it gets posted to your blog. It makes me feel like the content is somehow more worthy.

    1. Everything is more elegant when reflected by your sister!!!!