Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sundays in Rome

     Today we returned to the Caravita community for liturgy. Once again, the liturgy was so beautifully done with the same presider and homilist (outstanding homily yet again for a tough set of readings!). This week, a group of about 50 students on tour from Scotland joined us for liturgy. One of the girls said it was the best Mass she had ever been to! AND it looks like I am going to be co-cantor next week. The cantor and organist both approached me after Mass. They rehearse for 45 minutes before Mass so I guess I will give it a try! I am going to love being a part of this grace-filled liturgy! (and yet, I miss St. Thomas! Happy birthday, Fr. John!! )
        As we were strolling in the piazza after mass, Pat and I agreed that this beat our usual Sunday routine of coming home from church and getting tuna sandwiches from Subway -lol!!! So we shopped in this amazing  food store and bought Lemon and almond liquors - major YUM!! - and some coffee, as Pat has become quite adept at making expresso! We had lunch at a great little place way off the piazza and I had FRIES!!!! It was a tribute to my American home, but they taste better in Italy!
     It was a perfect day weather wise, so we sat on a wall outside the Pantheon and people-watched!
    We got to Caravita a bit early so we visited St. Ignatius church next door. It was all lit up and had live trees in the nave! Irene, can we have live trees for Easter??  Lol!!

The first photo is the facade of the church of St. Ignatius Loyola
Next is a crucifixion with the Mother of Sorrows in St. Ignatius
The third photo is an obelisk from a temple to Isis in Egypt balanced on an elephant sculpted by Bernini in the piazza Minerva
And the last one is of the live trees and lights in (pretty blurry) in st. Ignatius


  1. Cara, you have become my day-starter! I read and look at the pictures or simply imagine the glories you are seeing and doing.
    Ah, but that we had a nave in which to put such trees!!! We will have to be content with our potted palms...or perhaps a fig tree?
    And I think I would very much have liked to meed Signore Bernini! He had quite a sense of humor....

  2. I think of you all the time and I am glad you are enjoying the blog - of course, I was joking about the trees, but they really look amazing!! And I would liked to have met ANY of those incredible artists!!!

  3. Mass with Julie went very well. I have been reading your blog and wish I was there enjoying all of this with you.. It sounds fantastic.

  4. Hi Sue!!! Great to hear from you and glad to hear that the group is doing well with Tim and Julie!! I MISS you all terribly but, as you can read, life is keeping me busy here! Glad you are enjoying the blog!!!