Saturday, September 8, 2012

An "interesting" evening

Tonight ( Friday) we met our friend Rob White for 7 PM Mass at a small church near the Lay Center where he works. What is the the big deal about "ad orientem"? Our priest said mass in Italian ( which might as well have been Latin) and faced the altar and  away from us. I felt completely extraeneous and disconnected as there was no card or anything to tell me what was what. I've been to enough masses to know what was going on, but I really felt like I hadn't even been to Mass! No music or anything. Yikes!!! Is what the pope wants???
    Anyway, after that we ate at a nice outdoor restaurant near the Colloseum - focaccia with prosciutto - ravioli and spinach! Yum!!! Rob knows all the good places!!
     Today, we are going to the Capitoline Museum to "scout it out" for Pat's Wednesday class!


  1. Your meal sounds fantastic! How is your back?

  2. The back will hold up ( I hope) as long as I don't abuse it! Speaking of abuse, you'd better slow down a bit!!! I know you love your job, your mother, your daughter and your dogs, but you have to not abuse yourself!!!! BTW, saw a great wedding reception at the terrace of the Capitoline museum. You might mention that to her - lol!!!