Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So I am sitting here in my apartment, thinking about going shopping. There is a marvelous little Cartoleria on the corner which sells old pens, calligraphy pens and nibs and inks. I will definitely go there. Then there is a jewelry store.....yeah, there too!! In the meantime, I am looking our my window at the sculptor's shop across the street and trying to figure out how to get one home!!!
Love you.....miss you....


  1. It's called SHIPPING!!!! While at the cartolerie, look for STAMPS! That is where I had gotten my San Marco that I loved so well!
    Gez, I wish I could be with you!

  2. Lol!! Of course!!! And I WILL ship one home at the end of our stay! The cartoleria was marvelous - I bought Florentine stationery and calligraphy nibs and ink, but no stamps in this one!But there are more...... Oh, I wish you were here!!

    1. Ma certo, I found my stamp in Venezia...but could never find the place again! Venezia is the easiest of the cities to be LOST in!

  3. Of course it was Venezia!! Where else could you such a beautiful St. Mark??