Monday, September 3, 2012

No Labor Day in Rome

They don't have it here! So Pat is hard at work, teaching his first class. I am taking advantage of the CEA Center's wifi to post a few photos. I hope you are all having a restful day in preparation for new beginnings!

     The top picture of of the CEA Center - they bought an old villa and converted it into classroms and administrative offices
     The second photo id the view of the Pantheon that I experienced while sitting outside and drinkng my Compari spritzer (too bitter!!)
     The third photo is the facade of the "triple decker" church of San Clemente!

     This is my 5th day and I am closer to being on Roman time!!  Che gioia!!!!    :-)


  1. I'd take a no Labor Day in Rome versus a Labor Day here :)
    Thanks for posting. I treasure your adventures!

    1. And I love that you are sharing it with me, Lise!!

  2. Irene, your post showed up in my mailbox, but not onthe blog.. Glad you are enjoying the pictures - I am taking them like a fool ! I overdid it today and will explain why onthe next post! The plane ride did my sciatic nerve no good!!!!