Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The day after the days before.....

Ok, so it is Monday and I have resolved NOT to move from the apartment. Being an introvert, I needed to recharge after our wonderful visit with my SIL and her husband. They are such lovely people and a real joy to have "in the hood"!! They thoroughly enjoyed their tour and were pretty pooped when we put them in the taxi to the airport!
     So I stayed home and read, played on the computer, ate and slept!
At night, we had a dinner date with a friend of Pat's with whom he was in the Franciscan seminary. We were to meet at S. Maria Maggiore which is at the end of our street (10 long blocks away) So Pat & I decided to take a bus to Termini and make our way to the church.
We arrived at Termini and Pat deduced that we had to walk down Via Cavour to get to where we were going. As we walked, we passed a men's clothing store which had reasonable prices of their clothes posted in the window. I stopped to look and was aware of a man standing behind me , also looking in the window. Then I heard Pat say "Bob?????" Well doncha know, it was Bob and his friend. We hooted and hugged and kissed and exclaimed about the coincidence!!! Then we went off to dinner.

        They had not seen each other for over 40 years and the jaws were flappin'!!! Pat and Bob regaled Don (Bob's friend) and me with old war stories (most of which I had heard before) of life in novitiate and after! It was a totally charming evening (and the food was luscious!!!!) We all exchanged photos of our kids and grandkids and email addresses and vowed to stay in touch!
This is Bob and Don - Don a very nice man despite the fact that he is holding  knife!!!!

 This was our dessert - ricotta pie with chocolate chips (yes, I have determined that my hives are not caused by chocolate - thank GOD!!!!)
 And here are Pat, his sister Mary Ann and her husband, Richard having "2nd breakfast" The big cherry tart is mine!!!!
ciao tutti!!!


  1. I can truly understand "down/recharge" time, but somehow the term 'introvert' does not register with YOU!
    Un grand abbraccio~

  2. I just hide it well......un grand abbraccio anche a te, cara!!!

    1. Perhaps the term 'private' is more apt in your personality's case...which I know is true~

  3. never really categorized you as an introvert either but I too get the "need time alone"
    What a funny "coincidence"... never really beleived in coincidences though. Awesome for Pat to see an old friend.