Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If I were home......

......tonight would be my first ensemble rehearsal for the music ministry! I really love my work and I will be missing it a lot! Have I mentioned that I miss my grandkids???? Lol!!
     Today, I went (by myself!!!!!!,) to the grocery store. I brought my little rolling suitcase and that made things a lot easier - spent the day at the center and took a fruitless bus trip (to find a store where I could buy a cane with a seat )which landed us in the middle of "drug country" a la Roma! But we got back on the bus and found our way home. Tonight I am cooking here. It will be chicken with asparagus risotto!!


  1. We miss you, too, Cara - and I am certain your family would say the same...I am so happy to be reading of your Italian adventures, though....

  2. Grazie, Cara!! I bought a gorgeous scarf/ pashmina today for 7€!!!! The colors are to die for!!!

  3. The rehearsal went reasonably well...Tim and I locked the choir out of the church, but they are a resourceful bunch and managed to get in despite us! W brought out the whip for show, but didn't need to use it as everyone behaved admirably! Looking forward to 10:30 tomorrow - but oh we miss you !!!

    I remember the hike to St. John Lateran well - thank goodness it's worth the trip!!! Love your pictures!!

    xoxo Julie

  4. Hi Julie!!! Hope your school year has had a good beginning! Locked the choir out?? Lol!! too funny!! And I am SO glad you did not need the whip!!! I was so happy to attend the mass at S. Susanna''s - they sang almost everything I knew (and you would too!!)
    Yes, it is worth the trip!!!! Miss you guys and love you!

    1. Yeah - who knew that when we unlocked the door for ourselves it wasn't actually unlocked...oops! If that's the worst thing that goes wrong we'll be all set! School has started off great - always fun to go back, butew I wouldn't cry if someone offered me a week or two off so I could come hang out with you, lol!!!

  5. This is true!!! I know you will be great! I hope the crowd continues to behave for you! Did a young man come last Wednesday whoplays the trumpet? Did he play for you? Was he ok? It's the only volunteer I got after 4 weeks of begging! Keep me posted 'cause I know my darling son will not! :-)