Friday, September 28, 2012

Market day!

     After the day we had Wednesday, I was laying pretty low today. But I needed to go to the market (particularly for TP, bread and jelly, as our friend brought us a jar of peanut butter - evidently unattainable in Europe!) and the bank. It was hot and humid, but I went and got what was needed, came home, put everything away, read a book and took a nap (and it wasn't even Sunday!)
      We met Arthur at the Colosseo, but we were running late.

 So, Arthur, Pat and I (I am getting rather used to being escorted around the city by 2 or more handsome men!!) went back to our "hood" and had dinner here
ROFL!!!   We have been gorging on pasta, pizza and all manner of Italian food for a month, so we thought we'd try it!
      It was pretty amazing to see all these lovely Chinese waitresses speaking Italian and serving up Chinese food!!! So we had a chinese feast of chicken and almonds, s & s pork and shrimp fried rice, spring rolls and dumplings.......and red wine!!!!
  Then we went home and "Skyped" Tyler for his birthday! I wanted so badly to give him (and all 4 of them) a big hug that my arms ached!!
ciao for now

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