Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hello from Rome once again!!!   It looks like the internet is giving me a break this afternoon, so I will take advantage!!
     Yesterday was amazing -  the heat has broken and we went grocery shopping (you shop with a different eye when you have to carry the groceries home several blocks.....uphill!!!! Then we took the bus to to see the 3 level church of San Clemente. the current church is built on a 4th century Byzantine church which was built over a pagan temple to Mithra.....and we were able to see all 3 structures!!!!! I sat to rest my back on a huge stone and I couldn't help but wonder just how many bums has sat on it before me!! Lol!! No photos allowed (they want you to buy the postcards!

For all those asking me to have a gelato for them, I had a gelato!! Pistacchio and chocolate!

     Then we met a colleague of Pat's, Rob White, who has lived in Rome for 11  years. First, we went to the piazza in front of the Pantheon for drinks! I thought I would be a grown up and order what the guys were having.........WRONG!!!!I began to perspire and decided to switch to diet coke!  Lol!!! I stuffed myself with green olives and chips! The piazza was filled with people visiting and musicians playing and it was a wonderful evening to be outside! So it's 9:15 and we still haven't eaten dinner (Mr. 5:30 and I) Rob then brought us to this amazing "Mom and Pop" restaurant tucked away off the square. The food was not only wonderful (I had tagliatelle Bolognese) but cheap!!! EVERYONE out on the street at 10:30 at night and it's like day time!!  I (the night person) LOVE it!!

This little conveyance is my best friend! It is the old fashioned elevator in our building. As we are on the third floor, I use it daily!!

       Everyone thinks that I am native, so they begin speaking to me in Italian. I guess I have the map of Italy on my face!! This is very frustrating, but every conversation brings more and more understanding!

     I spoke to mom today - I miss her- I miss you ALL


  1. Sounds heavenly!!! Less food carried home-less waste!! Glad for you and your back that you have the elevator!!!

  2. I love the's right up there with Piazza Navona, which I think is best early morning. Julie and I loved breakfasting there.
    Does not surprise me that you are taken for a native. Just wait until you understand them!!! Oh, happy day!

  3. I am SO glad that you two are enjoying this with me!!