Saturday, September 15, 2012


This morning, Pat wanted to go back to the Capitoline museum because he didn't feel like he had seen enough antiquities when we went and he is taking the class on Wednesday. I HAD seen enough antiquities so I begged off and went shopping!
      The sculpture garden across the way has some GORGEOUS stuff that will find it's way to my home (the lady even showed me where to go to ship it home - it's right in the neighborhood!!!!) I bought an oil lamp - it's beautiful!  Then, I got something for my daughter in law. I'm not sayin' cause she might read the blog!! :-). I went to a leather shop and got a birthdaypresent for Father John (for those of you who don't know, he is my boss, my pastor and my friend!) and I found a store that sells women's clothing bigger than size 4 and got a light weight coat!
      We returned home within 5 minutes of each other and had a nice lunch here with salami, bread, salad and fresh peaches!!
       Just below is the only man who could come between Pat and I - Michelangelo (who designed the plans for the church made from the ruins of the baths of Diocletian)
      Then there is me, communing with an angel in the same church.
Then there is our sign of the zodiac, Pisces, along the timeline in the church. There are two openings which let in light and the light falls on the correct sign of the zodiac depending on the time of year!

     The photos are from yesterday, when we did our neighborhood church tour in the pouring rain!


  1. My Etruscan friend, you look like you belong in Rome.
    Love seeing all the photos and hearing about your days. It makes me dream.
    I bet the shopping is very different than over here..

  2. Bless your heart, Lise!! I am beginning to feel like I belong in Rome. I can describe the shopping in 3 words Ex PEN SIVE!!!!! But beautiful stuff!!!