Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just words!

Well, today was dreary and rainy. But, like good Romans, we trudged to the bus in the rain to get to the Center (the Center is like Mecca because the internet is great there!!!)
     So just a bunch of random thoughts; we figured out how to get Euros from an ATM machine! We found a new restaurant called "Target" (of all things)
     The signs for the bus stops look like McDonalds with a big yellow M on a red field!  My back has good days and not-so-good days
      There are a ton of coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, churches and little bodegas to get snacks and drinks right in our neighborhood - even banks and places to buy bus passes. (did I mention that I LOVE our apartment and it's location?) We each have a bus pass and for 35 euros you can get a pass to ride the bus, the metro and the tram all month - such a deal! The funny thing is that NO ONE ever checks if you have a pass. You stamp it on the bus the first time you use it and then you just get on and off the transportations and no one checks - it's weird! Yesterday, the bus from the Vatican was SO crowded, I was able to tell whohad showered and who had not!!  Lol!!!
     We are still a bit "off" time wise, but we are getting closer to being on Roman time!
     Oh yeah, watching American shows on Italian TV is a hoot!!! Watching Italian shows is even funnier!!
      I miss my grands (and everyone else at home)

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