Thursday, September 6, 2012

My husband is trying to kill me!!!

Today, we took the metro (a 1st for me!) and the bus to a shop that sells canes. Fortunately, I was able to replace the one that was taken with another that has a seat. So then, we were "right near" St John Lateran and we thought it would be a shame to not see it. So we went (a 4 block walk uphill and 1/2 of it in the street!!!)
      It is indeed lovely with a baldecchino to rival St. Peter's and heroically sized statues of the apostles!!! Pictures will follow.
     Then we WALKED another 8 blocks to finally find the bus to take us home - we rode the bus to the Termini and were hungry so we ate lunch al fresco (the weather has been lovely) I had the most heavenly little light fried pastries filled with very lean salami and fresh mozzarella.
      Then Pat says, "Look!! Mary Major is just a block down the street. Let's go see that as long as we are here" So we set off. One block turned into 3 turned into 5! By the time we got there i was in serious pain, so I sat for a while and prayed for all on my prayer list (as I did in the Lateran also). Mary Major is HUGE and also very lovely and I took some pictures there also.
     THEN we get out of Mary Major and can't find a bus stop!!   The upshot was we walked the entire length of Via Torino (about 12 blocks) I I am now sitting with an ice pack on my back, drinking coca cola light to try and calm everything down!


The 1st one is St. Thomas, the apostle in John Lateran
The 2nd is a gorgeous golden altarpiece in a side chapel in the Lateran
the 3rd is an absolutely breathtaking bronze door at Mary Major's entrance
The 4th one is the altar and baldecchino at Mary Major
The 5th one is Pat and Pio Nono at the chapel of the relic of the Bethlehem manger in Mary Major

Love to all and thank you for reading!! Ciao


  1. HI LINNIE!!! Oh how I wish I could be there with you!!! AWESOME blog too!!! I'll be following you!!!

  2. Thanks for following the blog, Linnie!!! Although, after 3 weeks in Germany, Europe is old hat to you!!! :-) Best of luck on your exhibits and post photos when you can!

  3. I thought John Lateran was very impressive - and just love Mary Major. Some guide at some time ( I think the first time I was there!) said the gold on the ceiling is the first from the New World! Is that where the Madonna di Pace is????

  4. Wow-I wish I could see all of this!! Maybe someday!!!Sorry about your back-hoping you get relief soon!!

    Sending love and pain relieving thoughts!!

  5. Amazing-I was able to comment on my first try above!! I actually be the captcha demon who tries to make it difficult for us to communicate with you!!!

  6. Thanks for sending - I didn't realize I had one of those horrid captcha things.

  7. Irene, yes, she is in the Lateran. I sent you her picture via email!

  8. Ok, I went to the settings and tried to fix the captcha thingy. See if it is gone!

  9. This is all so amazing. I can't imagine what it looks like in the flesh. The beauty and wonderment must be inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us
    Sorry about your back...see I told you you should have snuck me in your suitcases :)
    Sending prayers for fast recovery

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    1. Were you able to post without that captcha thingy. I hope I turned it off. Anyway, it is totally inspiring and I am loving soaking it all in!
      As for the back, it is not an injury, it is chronic due to herniated discs. But I DO wish I had the chiropractic queen of Minnesota here with me!!!!