Friday, September 21, 2012


    Today, I will begin by squeezing myself into the torture chamber they call a shower! Lol!! I will attempt to wash my hair without bruising my elbows!! The slippery floor has become a non-issue as there is no room to fall down!!!
      Anyway, we are waiting to hear whether or not our trip to Orvieto will materialize. Rob cannot leave until 2 and we have to be back tomorrow morning because Mary Ann and Richard are arriving back from their tour. Rob s checking to see if we can ride the train up to Orvieto and if there is a late train to get us back here! Hey, if it doesn't work,  it's no big deal - we can go another time!
     We have attended daily Mass several times at S. Susanna - it MUST be an anniversary chapel or something because everytime we have gone, there has been a renewal of vows by married couples. This lovely little arrangement was on the altar for this last one yesterday.
Personally, I don't care for daily mass. Everything is spoken (can you say "Alleluia Alleluia?)
and seems to go against everything for which I strive at Sunday mass - but that's a story for another time....I'd rather sing the Liturgy of the Hours
     So, tomorrow night is "waterfire" in Rome. We hope to go and take Mary Ann and Richard so they can see a bit of Rhode Island brought to Rome. Waterfire is the brainchild of a Providence artist. We have been having them for years in the summers and Autumns. Large braziers of wood are set on stanchions in the Providence river downtown and they are lit as darkness falls. It is quite beautiful and the mayor of Providence and the mayor of Rome have decided to share this with the Romans! It will be interesting (if we can find it!) to see how it looks on the Tiber!
Ciao for now....

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