Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventure of Another Kind!!

      Today, Pat and Arthur were planning to attend a convocation on the writings of St. Augustine and I was going to stay here! Arthur called and said we should meet for lunch and that the convocation was near the Vatican and that maybe I could go to the Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel while they attended the talks!
      The lure of Michelangelo was way stronger than a restful afternoon at home, so I endured another "cheek-to-jowl-back shattering" bus ride to Vatican City! We had the BEST pizza at a little off-the-beaten-path-air-conditioned (the heat and humidity were both high) tavola calda and I set off to SHOP my way to the Vatican Museum......and I did! I found a wonderful iconography shop with a little library where I could sit and peruse books filled with icons and illuminations (and buy some gorgeous cards!) and a place with some gorgeous scarves.
      So Arthur said I should just follow the Vatican walls to get to the museum. What he did not mention was that it was about a mile walk!!!! I kept turning corners thinking, "This is it!" , but it was just another length of wall!! After climbing (yes, it was uphill!!) and resting and climbing and resting, I finally reach the Museum at 4. I also find out that the museum closes at 5:30!  So I must see what is most important to me i.e. The Sistine Chapel!!! So I begin following the signs which give a vague direction straight ahead. I muscled my way through throngs of tours (and must have said "scusi" a thousand times) only to find another arch or door and ANOTHER corridor! And so I must have walked another mile or so to reach the bottom of a flight of stairs (sigh) Up I go at a snails pace ('cause my back and leg are already shot to hell) with people whizzing by me!!
        Finally, I arrive at the chapel. I enter with great anticipation and reverence,open my cane seat and sit......and sit......and sit..... up by the altar & the guards where no one is jostling me!



   After sitting for while, I pack up my little cane and begin to travel down the length of this amazing work, looking at all the famous scenes and the not-so-famous ones (and rubbing my neck in between -lol!!) I am in total AWE......until a guard comes up to me and indicates that I am not to take pictures!!!!!   NOw there are Japenese people running around with cameras and lenses bigger than my purse, and this guy doesn't want me to use my little iphone????? Doesn't make sense......until look to my left. In my zeal to photograph my girl, the Delphic Sybil, I completely missed the fact that the secret service had entered the back door of the chapel and behind them was president BILL CLINTON!!!!! Now I understood the "no photos" warning (but I took one anyway, which I will not post here for fear of gettinghauled in by the secret service!!) Then I walk another mile or so, buy some neat stuff at the store and exit - oy!

Arthur, Rob and Pat

Arthur, Pat, Rob and Linda

   I am not moving anywhere - tonight I will cook for the boys HERE!!!!

This post looks weird because Ikept trying to edit my mistakes. So I have Christ the judge at the restaurant with us - don't get excited......He wasn't there -lol!!!


  1. It is wonderful for all that you have each other in Rome. Your escapades are one more wonderful than the last!

    Gotta see Bill Clinton....

  2. This trip will get you in an excellent shape.... or it will put you in the hospital.. not sure :)

    I bet the Sistine Chapel is so much more "awe" inspiring than the photos... ike anything else.

    And you have it backward, those men should be lucky you enjoy hanging around them

    I love reading all your adventures... makes me dream a bit

    1. I am betting on the latter, Lise! Today, I haven't moved from the apartment -lol!!
      The Sistine is BEYOND awe inspiring - it's tough photographing it 40 feet away!

  3. Ahh, Linda, another adventure. I can just hear my grandmother's voice as you toil along on that tiring and painful journey..."offer it up for the souls in pergatory" LOL The prize at the end, I'm sure was worth the journey.

  4. Lol, Kathie!! yeah, I heard that voice too!! I must have gotten several hundred out yesterday!!!

  5. Linda,it amazes me all you are seeing! Just lovely, beyond words. Wonderful!!!!!!!!
    So happy you are having a good time, and you know the line where too much might be too much. It is all worth it, I can sense it in your tone!!!!!!!
    You and Pat look so happy!!!!!!! That makes my heart sing!

  6. Patti darling!!! I am so glad to hear from you and also glad that you are enjoying the blog!!
    It IS all so worth it!! :-)

  7. Look at you, hobnobbing with all these important people...the Pope, Bill Clinton...can't wait to hear who's next!!!

  8. Can you believe it, Julie??? I just stumbled on to both by chance!!! :-)