Sunday, September 9, 2012

So.....after an unexpected bus tour of Rome (we missed out stop, rode to the end of the line and back!)we went to the Capitoline Museum.......wonderful place......strange bathrooms (I am getting better at balancing myself over a porcelaine bowl without a seat!).....wanna see?

right above is Pat and Constantine
above that is a gorgeous sculpted ceiling in the museum
above that is a view of Rome through a 3rd floor window
above that is marble head of an Amazon woman! She's gorgeous!
And at the top is a mosaic (made with impossibly tiny tiles!!!) of Orestes and Iphigenia - there seems to be a disparity in temperature as she is swathed in clothing and he is naked!!!

I miss you all! Ciao!

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  1. I'm sorry! there was some unfortunate wording in the above post! I wasn't asking if you wanted to see the odd bathrooms; I was asking if you wanted to see some Capitoline Art!!!!! Lol!! Shame on me, English major!!!